About the Company / Activity

Company’s types of activity:

  • arranging and holding EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition (hereafter EXPO-2017) in Astana;
  • developing and promoting EXPO-2017 Future Energy agenda;
  • implementing content of the registration dossier, which includes EXPO-2017 organizational and promotion guidance;
  • participating and/or providing services to promote and popularize Company’s partner brand in terms of EXPO-2017 organization and holding;
  • securing EXPO-2017 visitors and participants;
  • investing into EXPO-2017 facilities building;
  • design and construction of EXPO-2017 infrastructure and facilities;
  • attracting investments for EXPO-2017 facilities construction;
  • providing hotel services jointly with restaurants in terms of EXPO-2017 organization;
  • renting and employing property;
  • locating and processing data in terms of EXPO-2017 organization and holding;
  • improving communication means and providing communication services, including access to Wi-Fi, fiber optic networks located at EXPO-2017 venue.
  • participating international exhibitions, including exhibitions established by the Convention relating to International Exhibitions signed in Paris on 22 November 1928;
  • after-exhibition using international exhibition venue by renting and managing Company’s property;
  • attracting investments, self-financed projects located or working at EXPO-2017 venue and facilities;
  • holding and making congress and exhibition arrangements within Astana city using Company’s assets.

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