EXPO Business Center / Parking

The area of underground parking is about
112 000 square meters,
it accommodates
3 000 parking lots.
The area of underground parking of the Congress Center is about
8 700 square meters,
179 parking lots,
it functions during the events.
The underground parking for visitors of the Exhibition objects is available on the following terms:
During the first 1 hour
free of charge
Starting from the 2th hour per each hour
100 tenge
Work schedule
24 hours
Also two outside parking Р6 and Р7 are available for 190 and 192 cars accordingly.
Presently more than 1 000 parking lots are provided for the Exhibition visitors. The plan is also to provide about 2 000 parking lots with a fixed monthly rental fee to organizations (such as IFCA, IGTC, IT-Univercity, AstanaHub, Business Center).
As to the terms for parking lots with a fixed monthly rental fee, the tariff policy for this Group of clients is being developed at present moment.

Based on the background experience of other business centers we plan to separate the parking area for tenants from the parking area for visitors due to different payment terms to be applied to those categories of users as we mentioned above. It should be noted that the access to parking lots for tenants and visitors shall be provided from different entrances/exits.

In order to make the visitors’ and the tenants’ stay most comfortable we have arranged effective and visual navigation system. As well we plan to provide accessory services such as car wash, tire fitting, etc.

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