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Robot of Love and mechanical street artists made a show in Astana

The Ball of Robots Show was opened in the Nur-Alem Sphere in Astana, reported The exhibition shows modern robots and latest achievements in robotics from USA, Europe, Southern Korea and Japan. "We have selected the most outstanding, cool and unusual robots from different countries.

All EXPO-center visitors may come and get acquainted with those robots, touch and play with them. Presently there are 20 robots but our collection is to be replenished during coming months and we plan to organize different interactive plays and shows", - told Subhon Ziyabayev, representative of the Ball of Robots Show.

The main headliner of the show is an English humanoid robot Tespian. He can communicate, copy gestures, dance, sing, cry and even recite Shakespeare! This fact allowed him to play in modern theater performances several times. That is why the robot was named after ancient Greek actor - Tespian.

One more unusual exponent is "Robozags – robot registry office". Using this robot any couple can check whether they match each other or not as well as get their fun marriage certificate along with photos and rings. A rousing dance was performed by the Southern Korean dancing robots "Robobuilders".

They are made from unique construction set RQ HUNO, the covering details of which are transparent that allow seeing the inside construction of robots. Those humanoids can be reprogrammed to play football, participate in sport competitions and fulfill certain commands. More musical robots have been presented by a famous painter, animator-mechanic from Saint Petersburg Alexander Getz.

His mechanical musicians virtually assembled out of rubbish can play any music composition. The organizers noted that the main task for the Ball of Robots Show was to revive the engineering idea. "We want the young people to take interest in modern technologies, the robotics in particular. It is quite possible that in the nearest future the robots can make our everyday life easier", - noted Ziyabayev.

The exhibition will function till September 26.


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