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In the sphere «Nur Alem» held a republican seminar of teachers

The museum of Future energy «Nur Alem» has established itself as an authoritative scientific and educational center that became one of attractions of our capital.

Today in the sphere «Nur Alem» was held a seminar «Clusters – as innovative form of developing the success of educational organizations» for heads, head of provincial, regional and city methodical cabinets. During the seminar members of Astana Department of Education shared the experience of organizing education as a part of cluster work in priority areas, in terms of improving and implementing international approaches to education management.

«It’s symbolic for us to hold a seminar such a high level precisely within the walls of «Nur Alem». The content of the Museum, its purpose, encourages us – educators to Improve as specialists on the basis of current trends in the development of our country and program presentations by the Leader of the Nation», - said G.Ibraeva, Director of the center for modernization of education in Astana.



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