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Data Processing Center in the EXPO Exhibition Complex

In the course of preparations for and conductof the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition itself (the Exhibition), the Data Processing Center (DPC) was commissionedin the Communications Center to implementoperation of 18 telecommunications racks.

During the Exhibition, the DPC supported various IT and telecommunication services, including core systems of the Exhibition: integrated and information security systems, visitor support servers, backup ticket-purchasing server, Smart-Grid andparkingmanagement system, etc.

Upon completion of the Exhibition, the DPC attracted great attention from public and private companies thanks to its convenient infrastructure, communications provided by seven largest telecommunication operators, including mobile operators and commissioning of two independent power systems with a total capacity of over 4.5 MW with their possible expansion.

As part of discussions on the post-exhibition use of EXPO-2017 in and within the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan State Program, in mid-2018 the National Company signed a DPC long-term lease agreement with Kazakhstan largest telecommunications operator Kazakhtelecom JSC.


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