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The unique virtual tour of EXPO business center is created

The national company ASTANA EXPO has created a project unique by its scale and visual effects. A large virtual tour covers the main objects of EXPO center: Future Energy Museum - "Nur Alem" Sphere, Congress Center, Expo Business Centre, "Astana" International Finance Center, International Technical Park of IT startups called "Astana Hub", "Nomad Hall" concert hall, Hilton Astana hotel. Thanks to the digital tools, now EXPO objects are available to the whole world online.

Now, in order to go for a trip, you just have to visit Thanks to the virtual reality technology, the tour will allow you to be in the heart of Business Center and provide you with an opportunity to get familiar with object of unique architecture, thematic exhibits of the "Nur Alem" Sphere, interactively navigate inside comfortable offices of the Business Center, walk through the luxury rooms of the Hilton hotel, Astana Hub coworking zones and admire the exhibition complex from a bird's eye view. Easy navigation and audio-visual information support will create an impression of actual presence on the object. It's possible to immerse in there with any device including virtual reality glasses.

Panoramic view will allow you to look around yourself 360 degrees and 180 degrees up and down. After enjoying the view, you can easily switch to the next point, going on with getting familiar with the business center.

Besides that, there are more application functions that will make the journey even more fascinating: it is possible to but an entrance ticket to the "Nur Alem" Sphere and concerts held at the Congress Center and navigation map will "highlight" active objects for selection. Due to user-friendly interface, the user will always be aware and informed about his current location. For tooltips, the pop-ups finction is integrated.

The online tour of the main "pearl" of the business center, the "Nur Alem" Sphere will be just an exciting event for you: digitized guide robots will share interesting information about the projects of alternative energy integration: the energy based on natural elements strength - the wind, sun, water energy and more. In the National pavilion, video effects will allow you to get familiar with advanced installations of the Sphere, have a ride on high-speed and large elevators that will take you to necessary floors, while interactive features will allow, for example, to enjoy the kyuis of the great composers of Kazakhstan

Finally, anyone who does not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition complex or the one who is knowing about it the first time, though virtually, can watch the EXPO objects and exhibits online.


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