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First class performance to the roar of the engines: EXPO Business center was visited by a Motorcycle Trials World champion

Jeroni Fajardo, 2018 Motorcycle trials World champion, Spain, and his colleague Florian Behrend, Exponential Group CEO, Germany shared their drive, bright emotions and excitement with EXPO guests. Arrival of the best ‘iron horses’ riders is not accidental as motorcyclists are creating a huge video project devoted to the advantages of adventure tourism in Kazakhstan for foreign travelers. This documental movie will be broadcating on manу European sport channels.

Florian Behrend, Project Manager:

- The choice of EXPO Business center as one of the shooting spot is based on the unique city’s architecture and fabulous beauty of Sphere «Nur Alem». When I visited EXPO-2017 two years ago I was overwhelmed by the magnificence of your capital. That was the reason why I wanted to show this beautiful city to my five sons.     Having visited Nur Alem, me and my family explored the future.

Jeroni Fajardo, Motorcycle Trial Vice-champion:

- This is my first time in Kazakhstan. After a ride around the city I enjoyed it greatly and I was very impressed by visiting the world largest sphere. I’m overwhelmed with emotions! I’m definitely coming back in your welcoming country in the future and I will invite my colleges and friends.

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