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EXPO’s Heritage in Nur-Sultan: Exhibition 2 Years Later

Sputnik Kazakhstan found out whether organizers of the grand event were successful in fulfilling their main task to use EXPO facilities after the event

After completion one of the largest events in Kazakhstan – EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition – set a challenge to the National Company Astana EXPO-2017 post-exhibition use of pavilions. Director of the Company’s Commercialization Department, Daulet Yerkimbayev told Sputnik Kazakhstan about evolution of the exhibition infrastructure.

The specialized exhibition themed Future Energy took place under the auspices of the International Exhibitions Bureau in the capital city of Kazakhstan from June 10 to September 10, 2017. Around 115 countries and 22 international organizations took part in EXPO-2017.

Exhibition - three months, and what then

When the organizers discussed the concept of the exhibition, it had already decided to use the EXPO territory as a new business center with a unique ecosystem and new organizations important for the state.

“The pavilions built for the exhibition were initially designed in such a way to reconstruct them into office premises in the post-exhibition period,” Daulet Yerkimbayev told Sputnik Kazakhstan.

IT, finances, green technology

According to the Director, the main anchor resident of the exhibition complex is Astana International Financial Center, which has been fully operating in the exhibition territory since the beginning of the year. The EXPO territory also leases out a class A commercial business center, which is very popular among entrepreneurs. The business center was built in compliance with all international standards, Yerkimbayev emphasized.

IT University, a joint project of the International IT University located in Almaty, will be opened this September.

“It will start operating from September. The admission board has already started its work. The University is located in the International Financial Centre, where it recruits students. The first cohort is expected this September. It means about a thousand students,” said Yerkimbayev.

The International Center for Green Technologies is located opposite the IT University, the Director of the Commercialization Department continued.

“This center is intended to implement green technologies in Kazakhstan upon EXPO completion. In fact, the center is now successfully fulfilling this task, implementing its programs to introduce advanced technologies in regions,” he said.

Astana Hub International IT Center, which was created as part of the Digital Kazakhstan State Program, is one of the facilities inherited from EXPO. Exactly this center will give birth to interesting and unique IT startups, which will subsequently contribute to the program.

Symbol of EXPO-2017

EXPO’s ‘visiting card’ – Nur Alem Sphere – was continuously working over the past two years. A portion of scientific installations from the pavilions of Kazakhstani national companies and the Future Energy Section were relocated to the sphere, turning it simultaneously into a tourist, entertainment and scientific-educational center.

“The sphere is by far one of the most important tourist spots in the capital. Over 400 thousand people have visited the sphere since it started working independently from the international specialized exhibition. We see it is very popular. About 10 percent of visitors are foreign tourists. This fact proves good interest in the facility itself,” said Yerkimbayev.

Everything for events and exhibitions

The Congress Center, which is one of the EXPO facilities, began to operate as well. For the past year, 180 various events took place in the center, the largest of which are the Astana Economic Forum and the World Mountain Congress.

“Furthermore, by the end of the year, we will launch an exhibition center. It will become the largest exhibition center in Central Asia. It will also have a unique technological infrastructure,” said the Director of the Commercialization Department.

The EXPO’s post-exhibition area is full of life thanks to frequent major business, cultural and social events.




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