Buy a ticket

The ticket price is 1500 tenge.
The ticket entitles to a single visit of the Nur Alem pavilion within the date indicated on the ticket.
The citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are entitled to buy privileged (discounted),
tickets that can be purchased only on the day of the visit from the ticket offices located at EXPO area. In order to purchase a privileged discounted ticket a person must provide the document justifying his/her right for this privilege and the identification document.
The discounts do not apply to foreign citizens. Except for the discount for children under 6 y.o.
Persons entitled to purchase privileged discounted ticket
A certificate from the school including the photo for children older than 12 years old. A Birth certificate is allowed for the children under 12 years old.
500 тг
Student’s certificate
800 тг
Pension certificate
500 тг
The documents confirming the right to purchase privileged discounted tickets
The World War II participants
A certificate of World War II participant
The disabled of all categories
A certificate of disability or pension certificate
The orphans
A list of orphaned children signed by the Orphanage Director or Akimat’s resolution on family placement of the orphan and/or Agreement on the orphan’s placement to the adoptive/guest’s/patronage family.
Mothers with many children
Certificate issued with a medal
Children under 6 years old (inclusively)
A copy of Birth Certificate
The Ticket
Office location
Sale channels
The ticket offices located on the EXPO territory (55 Maengilik El Avenue)
Working hours: Tuesday - Friday - 10.00 AM-07.00 PM without interruption
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10.00 AM-08.00 PM,
without interruption
Monday – technical day

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