June 10 September 10, 2017

Specialized exhibitions, officially known as ‘International Recognized Exhibitions’, are global events designed to respond to challenges facing humankind. Specialized exhibitions welcome millions of visitors and offer a journey through the chosen theme through engaging and immersive activities.

The first Specialized Expo exhibition was held in 1936 in Stockholm. Previously, exhibitions were held in Spain (EXPO 2008 Zaragosa) and South Korea (EXPO 2012 Yeosu).

Capital of Kazakhstan was chosen as the venue of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017 on November 22, 2012 during the 152nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau in the course of a secret vote of representatives of 161 member States of the International Exhibitions Bureau. The application of the city was supported by 103 countries.

History of EXPO 2017
June 10
September 10
93 days
The total number of visitors was
4 million

More than
3 500
cultural events were held
В выставке приняли участие
international organizations
heads of state
heads of government
foreign ministers

As a result of the forum “Future Energy” the «Manifesto of values and principles of EXPO-2017” was adopted.

Volunteer activity:
4500 volunteers from 35 countries
150 supervisors – young leaders, representatives of youth organizations

EXPO 2017 for the development of the country

During the EXPO Astana was visited by 5.4 million people
4 million people visited the EXPO exhibition

500 000
foreign tourists
TOP-5 capitals
Nur-Sultan entered the TOP 5 capitals in the ranking of event tourism (among the SCO and CIS countries)

new hotels were opened – hotels’ occupancy tripled
5 thousand
new jobs were created

140 inventions in the field of renewable energy,
16 of them were implemented in Nur-Sultan

Economic effect:
support of local producers
1 400 small and medium business enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan
were involved in construction of EXPO 2017 facilities