Connecting minds, Creating the Future
OCTOBER 1, 2021 – MARCH 31, 2022
The first World Exhibition in the Middle East Region

The World EXPO exhibitions represent one of the oldest and largest international events in the world, which are held under the auspices of the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE). The BIE is an intergovernmental organization that has been regulating the holding and organization of World Exhibitions since 1928.

The World EXPO exhibitions have no equal among international events in terms of scale, duration and number of visitors. It is the largest platform for demonstrating the progress of humanity, which serves as a link between governments, companies, international organizations and citizens.

The first World Expo exhibition was held in 1851 in London and was called the “Great Exhibition”. Previously, exhibitions were held in China (EXPO-2010 Shanghai) and Italy (EXPO-2015 Milan). Subsequent exhibitions will be held in the United Arab Emirates (EXPO 2020 Dubai) in 2021 and Japan (EXPO 2020 Osaka) in 2025

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«Connecting minds, Creating the Future»
Human development, personal growth, innovation development, and employment provision.
Physical mobility, expansion of information technology, access to the distribution of goods and resources.
Sustainable development
The impact of the ecosystem on a comfortable way of life, rational consumption of natural resources.
Pavilion design of the republic of Kazakhstan

The Exhibition’s theme consists of three sub-themes such as “Opportunity”, “Mobility” and “Sustainable development”.

The national pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the thematic cluster “Opportunity”, in the proximity to national pavilions of UAE, U.S., Switzerland, Austria, Saudi Arabia, P.R. China, Japan, India and Republic of Belarus.

The pavilion’s image is inspired by the traditional oriental architecture and represents itself synthesis of modern digital solutions and traditions, and also symbolizes the openness of Kazakhstan.

The national pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of 3 floors and has 4 exhibition zones on 2 floors. The pavilion’s area is 3 400 square meters, it relates to pavilions of the medium category.

The pavilion’s content represents a journey on the history, present and future of Kazakhstan within the Exhibition’s theme “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”.

Calendar of events
October 1, 2021
Opening Ceremony of EXPO 2020 Dubai
December 1, 2021
National Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
December 16, 2021
Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
March 22, 2022
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during the entire period
Cultural and entertainment events
March 31, 2022
Closing Ceremony of EXPO 2020 Dubai