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Future Energy Museum

Future Energy Museum
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Tuesday - Friday
10:00 - 20:00
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010000, Astana city,
55/13 Mangilik El avenue
+7 775 509 1376
Future Energy Museum

The most significant object of the tourist zone of the post-exhibition heritage of EXPO 2017, of course, is the Future Energy Museum. It is noteworthy that the new symbol of the Kazakh capital has become the most mentioned tourist object of Astana in foreign media. The Future Energy Museum has become as a landmark visitor attraction in Kazakhstan as the Eiffel Tower (Paris) and the Crystal Castle(London).

Today Future Energy Museum is one of the most visited tourist sites. Residents and guests of the capital get an opportunity not only to have fun and enrich themselves with unique knowledge about energy, its origin and ways of using it. Future Energy Museum was recognized as a specially protected state architectural object in November 2017.

Future Energy Museum is the only building in the world in a form of a sphere, 100 meters tall and 80 meters in diameter. The sphere weighs 13 thousand tons – twice the size of a famous Eiffel Tower. The area of ​​the glass is equal to five football fields. Each piece of glass has its own shape and weighs up to 800 kilograms. Over 2 thousand people weekly visit the Future Energy Museum.

The Future Energy Museum consists of eight floors. The “Acquaintance with Kazakhstan” zone is located on the first floor. The main types of energies – energy of space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetic energy are displayed on the 2nd to the 8th floors of the Museum.

Level 1: Acquaintance with Kazakhstan zone
This zone presents the diverse and vast landscapes, culture, history, present and future of Kazakhstan. The "Creative Energy" zone demonstrates the leading projects of domestic scientists in the field of energy, and the Tokamak - a model of Kazakhstan materials science thermonuclear reactor.
Level 2: Water Energy
The demonstration of water energy begins with an art installation of a dam, demonstrating the process of energy generation using water.
Level 3: Kinetic Energy
The exhibition begins with an archive of dynamic images that introduce visitors to historical artifacts related to kinetic energy.
Level 4: Biomass Energy
Level 4 is presented in the form of an area with a green panorama and includes varieties of cereals - sources of biomass that represent a "storage" of solar energy.
Level 5: Wind Power
The demonstration of wind energy begins with the exhibition "Alley of Winds", where visitors will be able to feel different wind speeds.
Level 6: Solar Energy
Level 6 will introduce visitors to different ways of using the energy of the Sun: starting with those that were used by ancient civilizations and ending with modern advanced technologies.
Level 7: Space Energy
The space energy presentation starts with a demonstration of scientific research with visionary plans and ideas for the production of the space energy.
Level 8: The City of the Future
The journey of the visitors starts from the 8th level, where they get to with the help of 8 elevators. Reaching the top level, the visitor gets acquainted with the Future Astana exhibition – the capital of Kazakhstan in 2050. The sculptural model of the city describes the ambitions of the city, taking into account sustainable development and environmental efficiency.
Лекторий в Nur Alem
Future Energy Museum Lecture-hall

With capacity up to 75 people